Yomo Thang srl (Italy) Synchronization license (song and master): Long Time Woman
Levis Dockers :60 "Meet the Parents" Spot FCB Wolrdwide Synch license: Tropicando (Thievery Corporation DJ mix)
Jackie Brown Miramax Synch license (song & master): Long Time Woman
Kippendorf's Tribe Touchstone Pictures Synch license: Symba
The O.C. Warner Bros. / Criterion Synch license: Love Dance and Quiet Village. (Episode 16)
ER Amblin Ent. / NBC Synch license: Bom Bom (Episode: Letter)
Real Sex HBO Synch license: Voodoo Dreams
Third Watch John Wells Production / NBC Synch license: Blue Jungle (Episode: Self Importance)
Saturday Night Live NBC / AIP Synch license: Cry of the Banshee cues
Providence NBC / AIP Synch license: Beach Blanket Bingo (Episode: Smoke & Mirrors)
Intergalactic Beastie Boys / Capitol Records / EMI / Crescendo Sample license of Les' arrangement of Prelude in C# minor
I Love You Baby P. Diddy / Arista / Bad Boy Records Sample license of Xtabay for "I Love You Baby"
Tropicando Remix Thievery Corporation License for Remix
Claudine's Return
Jazz Pictures & Miramax Home Entertainment Synch license: Go Chango
Easy Listening Buttersnack Films, LLC Synch licenses: A Night in Buenos Aires & A Taste of Soul
Playing for Time  Szygzy Productions & CBS Television Synch license: Voodoo Dreams
The Exorcist  Warner Bros. / Criterion Synch license*: Quiet Village
Clockwatchers  Goldcrest Films, Ltd. & John Flock Productions Synch licenses: Azure Sands, Jalaba, Magenta Mountain
Smokey and the Bandit Universal Pictures / Criterion Quiet Village
Quicksilver :30 spots X 7 72 and Sunny Produced original music for five spots. (Skip Heller)
The Day After Tomorrow 20th Century Fox Produced original music for DVD release. (Mark Adams)
The Flinstones Cartoon Network Original music (Skip Heller)
Dexter's Labratory Cartoon Network Original music (Skip Heller)
The Rowdy Girls Troma Entertainment Inc. Original score (Mark Adams)
A Man Is Mostly Water Dog Park Productions Original Score (Skip Heller)
Arrested Development Imagine Entertainment Sound design / sound effects editing
Joan Of Arcadia Sony Pictures Television Sound design / sound effects editing
Strong Medicine Sony Pictures Television Sound design / sound effects editing
Deadwood HBO Sound design / sound effects editing
Rescue Me Sony Pictures Television Sound design / sound effects editing